Renewable Energy Resources



      "All can, Few will" ​Jack F. Wright    


Thank you for adding APE. APE in this case stands for Alternatively Progressive Energy. Alternatively Progressive Energy has advanced  the Machines that generate AC and DC current and the Machines that use these currents. These Advanced Machines are the Heart behind my other projects all of which use Natural Forces as their Fuel. We have many types of Renewable Energy systems Going and GROWING.

 Its a shame that the second thing I have to mention after a welcome to you is legitimacy, its a sign of the times and a fact that must be addressed almost immediately and thus is.

 My god given name is Jack Franklin Wright and you have my full permission to search anything you wish on me. I actually prefer that you do, it will solidify the facts of 25 years of Dedication to Invention, Innovation, Research and Development, Building and Testing, Advancing and lastly Commercializing many products and projects. Also if you see me using my full name it is not to be a pompous ass, it is for specific identification.  There are surprisingly a lot of Jack Wrights', I have one on my Facebook and then Facebook gave a list of dozens.

 Alright lets talk about Alternative/Renewable Energy. 


  "We Reap Energy from Nature,,,,

    Not rape Nature for Energy "


 We have Major Advancements in all the Renewable, Green, Alternative Energies Water, Wind, Solar, Electric Vehicle's, Motors, Generators and Alternators.

 Alternatively Progressive Energy allows many Renewable Energy sources to exist.

 Water Watts is Hydro-Electric Generating Products featuring Power Pontoons.


 Would you buy a machine that:

  • Is compact and easy to install?
  • Delivers all of your electrical needs (and more)?
  • Generates 100% Pollution Free Energy to your Home and Community?
  • Helps reverse Climate Change?
  • Pays for itself in months?
  • Eliminates Dependency on Foreign Oil?
  • Stops funding Countries that attack us financially and many of which can literally start war with us?
  • Saves lives worldwide?

Would you like:

  • Never experiencing a power outage?
  • Your neighbors gratitude that with your power, they will never go without power either?
  • Advancing Local, Dependable Energy and eliminating the old decrepit, Distributed Energy?
  • Supporting a company that supports all of the items mentioned plus dozens of other completely Alternative Energy Products, Services and Companies?
  • To Make a Living From Living,,,,,,,, by selling Electricity for PROFIT.
  • Secures Americas Energy Infrastructure by peppering Energy everywhere.

         Make Money, Make a Difference!!!

  You don't have to live on a River to benefit from Power Pontoons anyone can Make Money and Make a Difference as explained on the Power Pontoon page (Click Power Pontoon near top of page.)

  If you live on a River and are reading this,,,,,,,,, You now have the Biggest Opportunity of your life in front of you. This opportunity is a easy  way to make a lot  of money while being a Superhero to the World and its Environment. 

  Again there's more information on the pages near the top of the webpage, Water Watts and Power Pontoons.


                                Thank You

                                 Jack F. Wright